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General Setup Instructions

Our software tends to be intuitive with instructions built in and good continuity between platforms. We will use our iOS app to walk you through a typical set up as a new customer.

Create your SecureMyEmail Account – After installing software, choose “Create Account.”

Enter your information

NOTE FOR CURRENT PGP USERS: If you wish to use your current PGP keys with SecureMyEmail, you will need to start with our Mac or Windows software. During setup, you will be able to import your existing keys. You can also import them later from Advanced >>Import PGP Key.

First Name /Last Name – This will be your account name. Your email display names will be what you already have for the specific email address.

Email Address To Secure – This should be the first email address you wish to provide encryption for and will serve as your Primary Email account and Account Username. It can be changed later though in Email Settings once you add additional email addresses.

Account Password – This will be your overall account password, but NOT the same as your individual email account passwords, or your secret encryption passphrase.

Click Sign Up

Create Secret Key

This is the most critical step. You should create a very good password or passphrase that you will commit to memory and/or keep in a safe place. This password is paired with the military grade 4096-bit decryption key we will create for you. The decryption key will stay on your device(s) and our secure servers (if you opt to upload it – which we highly recommend).

Only someone that possesses your private key and your secret password/passphrase can decrypt your email and attachments. Again, the idea here is that even if someone stole your device, hacked into it, then hacked into your email, and then even somehow retrieved the private key, they would still be unable to decrypt your email and attachments unless they also have this secret passphrase. It is the ultimate in security but PLEASE write it down on paper until you are certain you will never forget it or you will also be unable to ever decrypt your email. 🙂

Uploading Key

Again, we really recommend you upload it. It is encrypted before it leaves your device, is uploaded through an encrypted tunnel,  and remains encrypted our secure servers. Without the secret passphrase, which only you know, no one can ever decrypt it. But, it will serve as a backup for you and make setting up additional devices SO much easier.



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