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Whether you outsource your email service, host your own email server, or something in between, SecureMyEmail will ensure your email, and attachments, are safe, secure, and encrypted end-to-end.


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A zero learning curve for your employees.

No training, demos, or complicated rollouts are necessary. SecureMyEmail supports any IMAP-enabled email address and was built to be simple and intuitive. Of course, email configurations can vary so please contact us if you have an issue or question!

Unlike competitors, you can send hassle-free encrypted email to anyone with an email address.

Send end-to-end encrypted email to customers, vendors, partners, or anyone on the planet with a valid email address. Recipients don't have to use SecureMyEmail, download anything, or know a password.

Encrypts your email and attachments.

Contracts, intellectual property, financial documents, patient forms, or whatever — it’s all protected in transit and at rest.


Access your encrypted email from anywhere.

Your employees can access, send, and receive their encrypted email and files on their Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

Defend against fraud and phishing.

Cryptographically “signs” your email to make it tamper-proof and prevent impersonation.

Secure your employees' personal email accounts too.

Eight (8) separate email addresses may be encrypted per individual license so why not? Not a bad idea nowadays as it is imperative to secure every possible vulnerability and leak.

Ensure compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, and other laws and regulations relevant to your industry.

SecureMyEmail utilizes security best practices and military-grade encryption that far exceed known requirements.


Volume discounts, consolidated invoicing, and dedicated support for larger accounts.

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