Encrypt your email with no need to switch 
your email provider. For free, even.

Encrypt Gmail, Google Workspace, Yahoo Mail, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange,
Outlook, iCloud, or any other personal or business email — in just a few minutes.

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Send encrypted email to
anyone with an email address.

Recipients don’t need to download anything, use SecureMyEmailTM, or know a password.


We all love email. Easy, efficient, and ubiquitous – we trust it with so much. Too much, in fact. Email was never designed for the security and privacy needs of today’s internet. It’s commonly hacked, easily tapped, and major email providers scan and read your email as a normal course of business. This leaves your personal and business data badly exposed. Sadly, email security solutions have always been complicated,
expensive, or both. Luckily, we fixed all that.

Why is SecureMyEmail
the Best Encrypted Email Service?

It’s incredibly easy to get started and use.

Jump right in with your 30 day free trial and you’ll be sending and receiving encrypted email and files in minutes. No demos or training needed.

It encrypts your current email addresses.

There is no need to switch email providers to enjoy the security and privacy of encrypted email.  SecureMyEmail encrypts any personal or business email address as long as IMAP is supported, which it almost always is. We even have automated encryption setup for all the major providers – Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft – built right in. 

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Works on all your devices.

Modern and intuitive email encryption software and apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS are included so you can access, send, and receive encrypted email from anywhere.

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You can send encrypted email and files to anyone and everyone.

Send and receive encrypted email and files to and from anyone with a valid email address. They don’t have to be a SecureMyEmail customer.

You can keep your current email workflow and
there is no long term commitment.

You can use SecureMyEmail as your primary email software, or in parallel with your current email setup. And, although we hope you stay with us forever, you always maintain control of your email accounts and PGP security keys, so you can leave at any time.

It’s end-to-end encrypted with Zero-Knowledge Encryption.

SecureMyEmail provides true end-to-end asymmetrical encryption with industry-leading 4096-bit keys utilizing the OpenPGP standard. This means that your email is encrypted before it leaves your device and can only be decrypted by your recipients on their devices. No one, not your email provider, your ISP, a hacker, or even us, can ever access your encrypted email or attachments.

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It’s priced right.
In fact, you can even encrypt your email for FREE. Forever.

No complicated pricing models here. Sign up for our Free Plan or enjoy a 30-Day Free Trial of a paid plan.
No payment info is necessary. If you decide the paid plan is right for you, It’s only $3.99/month or $29.99/year.

Pricing & Downloads

It’s built for personal
and business use.

We designed SecureMyEmail to be easy enough for anyone to encrypt their email while having the advanced email security features  for HIPAA, GDPR, and other compliance initiatives. Whether you need encrypted email for personal privacy and security, professional use, or to encrypt your entire company’s email, we’ve got you covered.

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It’s only going to get better.

Additional features, as well as plugins for Outlook and Apple Mail, are in the works!

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