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Account Settings

Account Settings are where you can Manage your account, change your secret passphrase, sync and transfer your security keys to set up other devices.

Security Keys

Upload/Transfer Private Key

This is where you can upload the private key from a particular device to our secure servers. PLEASE NOTE this will replace any private key that is already on our systems. There is usually no need to do this as most users upload their private key during initial setup. If you didn’t upload a key during setup, or chose a temporary option, or manually deleted your key from our systems, and now need to set up new devices, or wish to keep a copy of your key on our systems as a backup, you may do so here.

Sync Device

This downloads your currently stored private key from our systems to your device. Devices should automatically attempt to sync to our servers, and offer to download your key from our systems, so this manual syncing is usually unnecessary. A reason to do this might be that if you uploaded your private key, or a new one, from another one of your devices to our systems, and now you wish to get that key on this device.

Change secret email password/passphrase

This is NOT your Account Password. This is the secret password that encrypts and decrypts your email and enables other secure functions throughout SecureMyEmail. It should not be shared with anyone. This  should be used if you, personally, feel you wish to change your secret password/passphrase.

Do remember, for optimal security and privacy, we do not know and cannot recover your secret passphrase. Write it down and hide it now or you’ll likely forget it and be stuck.

Can’t remember your old secret passphrase? Check out Regenerate Security Keys under Advanced Settings.


Change Account Password

This is where you can change your SecureMyEmail Account Password. This is NOT your secret password/passphrase for decrypting email. This is your password for your general account only.

Manage Subscription

This is where you can manage your billing and payment methods. You can check when your account renews as well as add a credit card if your old one is expiring, or has expired.