The Best Way To Secure And Encrypt Email – SecureMyEmail™

By Bill Bullock Dec 25 2016


The best way to secure and encrypt your email is here!

It took a lot longer and cost way more than we thought it would, but SecureMyEmail is finally ready, and just in time for 2017!

Almost three years ago, with our VPN business doing well providing **real** private browsing to folks in almost 200 countries , we wanted to solve another big problem: **email security and privacy.

It’s a little crazy that email is so trusted by all of us for our most sensitive personal and business communications. We all love the simplicity and ubiquity, but email has always been a laughably easy target for hackers, identity thieves, phishing, spammers, government surveillance, and even your own email provider (Google, Yahoo, etc.) reading all your email to sell your data to advertisers.

We knew what we wanted to achieve:

— True end-to-end encryption so nobody, even us, could ever read your email.

— It had to secure and encrypt not only the email itself, but all attachments as well.

— Support for Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad), Windows, and Mac.

— PGP-based for the ultimate security, but, unlike PGP, It had to be SUPER SIMPLE so anyone could use it.

— No security-compromising shortcuts that others had taken such as server-based webmail and mandating they hold your private decryption key. With     SecureMyEmail, YOU would control your security and privacy, not us.

— Users would NOT have to switch email providers. They could encrypt their Gmail, Yahoo Mail, work email, or any email address.

— All systems would be hosted in Switzerland, and managed by a Swiss corporation. This would allow not only protection by very strong privacy laws, but within a country with an historical reputation for privacy, as well as a solid infrastructure. Our customers would enjoy privacy as well as performance.

— Lastly, it needed to be as close to free as possible. Although truly free encrypted email would have led to certain compromises, or having to run ads (we wanted to be ad-free), we believed a price of 99 cents a year would cover costs as we scaled up but not impede growth.

Well, we did it!

SecureMyEmail for Android, as well as solutions for Windows and Mac (Using the universally-respected Thunderbird email client) are ready now.

iOS is right around the corner with Apple Mail and our own thin mail client soon thereafter. And, when we can catch our breath, we’ll tackle Outlook.

Enjoy and please help us spread the word!