How to Encrypt Microsoft Exchange Email in 5 Minutes

By Bill Bullock Mar 08 2021


As we all become aware of the extent of the massive Microsoft Exchange email hack, now is the time to encrypt your Microsoft Exchange email.

Luckily, that’s exactly why we built SecureMyEmail™. You can encrypt your Microsoft Exchange email as well as your other business and personal email accounts in just a few minutes.

If you use Microsoft Exchange, go to our website now and start a 30-Day Free Trial. No payment info is necessary and you’ll be encrypting your Exchange email a few minutes from now.

Here are some highlights:

  • Takes 5 minutes for a user to set up.
  •  Encrypt up to 8 email accounts. Business and personal.
  • Works on all your devices – Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.
  • SecureMyEmail is Zero Knowledge, which means no one but your recipients ever possess  the means to decrypt a message or, its attachments. This includes your ISP, email provider, us, or hackers.
  • All encrypted emails and attachments remain encrypted and safe when at rest or saved on the email servers themselves.
  • You can send end-to-end encrypted email to anyone with an email address. They don’t have to download anything, log into anything, or use SecureMyEmail.
  • Even if email account is hacked, all email and attachments encrypted with SecureMyEmail remains safe and encrypted.