How to encrypt email on iPhone (iOS) in 2021

By Bill Bullock Mar 04 2021


You’re safe now from the hundred other articles painfully explaining email encryption protocols and other meaningless clickbait. We promise you will be encrypting email on your iPhone in the next 5-10 minutes. We spent a LOT of time and money making it easy.?

It’s called SecureMyEmail™ and it’s awesome. It’s also FREE for most email users. If you want a paid plan, it gets even better. Our Annual and Lifetime plans also include deep discounts on purchases of our world-renowned VPN Services.

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  • Fast Company: "SecureMyEmail makes really private email surprisingly simple."
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  • techradar pro: "SecureMyEmail is an easy-to-use, advanced platform that applies military-grade encryption to your email correspondence."


    At this point, if you’re used to downloading apps on your iPhone, go ahead and get started. It’s easy. No reason to listen to us jabber on. Or, if you actually want to see a boring step-by-step support article on how to set up encrypted email on iPhone with SecureMyEmail, we got you.

It's FREE for most email users.
Encrypt a single,, or Microsoft (, Hotmail. MSN) address, including international derivatives, it’s free. Forever.

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No payment info. necessary. Encrypt up to 8 email addresses, business and personal.

Send and receive encrypted email to and from anyone.
They do NOT have to use SecureMyEmail. Their replies will be end-to-end encrypted also.

Encrypt your email on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.
Send and receive encrypted email from all your devices.

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