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“Unable to connect to email provider” error.

If you have previously been connecting fine to this email account, it is likely just a temporary issue caused by one of the following reasons:

  1. A disruption in your internet connection.
  2. Your email provider is having a technical issue.
  3. Your connection is being temporarily refused because you have too many email clients connecting at one time (this usually resolves on its own).

If you are receiving this error during initial setup, there is an issue with your settings as we try and communicate to with your email provider. Here are some things to check:

  1. Are you using the provider’s correct IMAP settings? (we do not support POP email)
  2. Are your internet connection and firewall settings ok? (if everything else is working you’re probably okay here.)
  3. Does your email provider require an “app-specific password?” (iCloud, etc. do. You must set this up before you try to connect and use the new password in place of your usual email password in the SecureMyEmail Email Settings)
  4. Do you have two factor authentication set up with this provider? (This can sometimes cause an issue so try turning it off and retrying)
  5. Does your provider use “Oauth” to authenticate you? (We have this setup with Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook.com (as well as other Microsoft legacy email domains) so try sliding Oauth slider to “on” position to see if that helps.
  6. If none of that works, contact our Support Team and tell us who your email provider is and what settings you are trying and we will look into it. Many providers have small idiosyncrasies that, once worked out, will enable trouble-free connecting from there on out.

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