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SecureMyEmail™ is email software with end-to-end encryption built-in. It works with any email address and completely protects the privacy of your email and attachments from anyone, including your email provider.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Basically, how does it work?

You’ll use SecureMyEmail™ like any other email app or client. After setup, you simply invite anyone you wish to exchange encrypted email with. They’ll download the app(s) and you’ll show up in their pending invites. Once they accept, you’re good to go. All email, including all attachments, between you and your contact can now be end-to-end encrypted. You can use SecureMyEmail as your primary email software, or simply switch to it when you need to make sure an email, and any attachments, are protected.

I can really encrypt my Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook.com, my work email, or any valid working email address, with SecureMyEmail™ and all my email, including any attachments, are completely encrypted end-to-end?

Yes. SecureMyEmail should work with any valid email address and encrypts all your email, and attachments, end-to-end, so only you and your recipient(s) can view them.

Who should use SecureMyEmail™?

Anyone who wants to be sure their email is safe, secure, and private. Of course, if you’re a businessperson, lawyer, journalist, health care or financial services professional, etc., it’s a necessity.

Do I need to change my email address?

No. This is ultimate security for any email address, including your current ones.

Is email security really that bad?

Yes. It’s terrible, despite what some providers try and tell you. Beyond the fact that major email providers scan and read your email to build profiles on you… identity thieves, snoopy governments, really any “ bad guy” with the skills, can have a field day with email’s unintended “openness.”

Can my email provider still read or scan my email?

No. Email encrypted with SecureMyEmail™ is end-to-end encrypted. Nobody, but you and your recipient(s), can read the email or the attachments. It’s encrypted before it leaves your device and can only be decrypted on your recipient’s device.

What about you guys? Can you read my email?

Nope. Your email’s decryption key is secured with a secret password or passphrase that you create and only you know. We never see the passphrase and can’t access it. It never touches our systems.

How many emails can I encrypt/decrypt for the 99 cents a year?

There is no limit. You just pay 99 cents per email address/account per year. Send and receive as many encrypted emails as you like to as many contacts as you like. The only limits will be if your email provider places them on how many emails you can send/receive, etc.

Contacts I wish to send and receive encrypted email with must join also, right?

Yes. But we made it super easy to invite people. Just like inviting someone to Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, or most any other internet service. Plus, they get a free trial and the ultimate risk is 99 cents.

Can I use it on multiple devices? Is that still 99 cents?

Yes. We have apps for Mac, Windows, and Android (iOS coming very soon) so that you can use your encrypted email account(s) across all your devices if you wish.

Where is SecureMyEmail™ based? Where are your servers hosted?

SecureMyEmail servers are hosted in secure Swiss data centers and managed by our Swiss corporation, Better World Security GmbH, in the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland.

Do I have to use SecureMyEmail™ for all my email or can I continue to use a favorite email client or webmail if I like?

You can use SecureMyEmail™ for all your email, or just the emails you wish to encrypt, while still using another email client and/or webmail for general use. You just must use SecureMyEmail™ to read your encrypted email as it will be encrypted and unreadable elsewhere.

Can I use/manage multiple email addresses/accounts in SecureMyEmail?

Yes. It is very easy to add additional email addresses. We do charge for every email address/account added, but at 99 cents a year per email account, we’re hopefully not a big budget concern.

Can businesses use SecureMyEmail™ too?

Absolutely. SecureMyEmail™ fully supports any email address, including company domains.

Is my email encrypted at rest, such as drafts, and my inbox, even if on my email provider’s servers?

Yes. Any email encrypted will also be encrypted on whomever’s email server you are using whether it is a major email provider or a business.

I’m an old-school PGP user from way back. Is SecureMyEmail™ compatible?

Yes. SecureMyEmail uses PGP at its core. You may even import your current PGP keys into SecureMyEmail™ if you wish. We also provide methods to enable SecureMyEmail™ users to accept external non-SecureMyEmail generated PGP keys from their contacts if they so desire.

So, SecureMyEmail will generate real and valid PGP keys that I can use for websites that support it, like Facebook, as well as contacts already using PGP?

Yes. You can use your SecureMyEmail public PGP key to encrypt communications from Facebook, and other PGP-enabled websites. For people, you just invite them through the app, and they can either join SecureMyEmail, or exchange their PGP keys with you through a secure mechanism we built.

Will SecureMyEmail offer any protection if my actual inbox is hacked?

Yes. Whether someone can “hack” into your inbox is, usually, a function of the password you use with your email provider. However, even if someone does hack into your email — the email you sent, received. or saved, using SecureMyEmail, will be encrypted and of no use to them. And, if they send email using your email provider’s account, your SecureMyEmail contacts will be able to see it lacks the validation that it’s you.

This all sounds great, but is it really and truly easy?

Yes. Very. If you’re using email currently, have no fear.