Is email security and privacy really that bad?

Yes. Email is the Members Only jacket of messaging applications. It was super cool back in the day, but now? Not so much.

Despite some improvements over the years, much of your personal and business data is still sent “in the clear” and sits unencrypted on providers’ servers. Hacks and compromises are common. Email’s security weaknesses are major contributors to Identity theft, intellectual property theft, financial fraud, and a myriad of other security breaches.

Privacy-wise, it’s quite bleak too. It’s unfortunately a common practice to scan your emails and provide information to advertisers and other third parties. Perhaps that is the cost of free email, but sometimes you need absolute privacy in your communications and that’s what SecureMyEmail provides.

Keep your current email addresses and providers, but when you want the  modern, impenetrable security of end-to-end encryption, we’re there.