Does SecureMyEmail encryption make my email GDPR compliant?

Yes! Encryption is a key suggested method within the GDPR. Specifically, it says one should take “appropriate measures” to keep personal data secure and to perform the required ‘pseudonymization’ of stored data,:

SecureMyEmail surpasses these requirements and provides end-to-end encryption that fully protects your email, and all attachments, whether they are in transit or archived on your (or your provider’s) servers. 



What if my email is hacked? Can SecureMyEmail help?

Yes! Even if someone hacked your email account, stole all your devices, and somehow even obtained your private decryption key, they still couldn’t access your encrypted email without the secret password that only you know.

So, SecureMyEmail will generate real and valid PGP keys that I can use for other PGP functions, like Facebook, and other sites and contacts already using PGP?

Yes. You can use your SecureMyEmail public PGP key to encrypt communications from Facebook, and other PGP-enabled websites, as well as share them with folks who use regular PGP. For people, you can just invite them through the app, and they can either join SecureMyEmail, or exchange their PGP keys with you through a secure mechanism we built.