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The Best Way To Secure And Encrypt Email – SecureMyEmail™

The best way to secure and encrypt your email is here! It took a lot longer and cost way more than we thought it would, but SecureMyEmail is finally ready, and just in time for 2017! Almost three years ago, with our VPN business doing well providing **real** private...
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How to encrypt your Yahoo email with SecureMyEmail

It's time to secure and encrypt your Yahoo email with SecureMyEmail. Yahoo has had a few high profile security issues lately. Because of the Yahoo security breaches, many users of Yahoo Mail say they are abandoning Yahoo as their email provider. This will be quite a...
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How to encrypt email with SecureMyEmail™

With today's internet, filled with identity thieves, hackers, and snoops, it’s a great idea to encrypt your Outlook email. We designed SecureMyEmail™ to easily encrypt your email with what is called end-to-end encryption. Your email and attachments are...
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How to Encrypt Gmail in 5 Minutes. (Screenshots)

If you've been wondering how to encrypt email, you’re safe now. ? You can stop reading about S/MIME, PGP, and the thousand clickbait articles on email encryption. You see, while you were out having fun, enjoying human relationships, or some other frivolous endeavor,...
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How to Encrypt Microsoft Exchange Email in 5 Minutes

As we all become aware of the extent of the massive Microsoft Exchange email hack, now is the time to encrypt your Microsoft Exchange email. Luckily, that's exactly why we built SecureMyEmail™. You can encrypt your Microsoft Exchange email as well as your other...
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